Too often, the procurement and implementation processes take too long, the software costs too much and the tools often under-deliver. Many organizations fail to define business requirements and do not gain any return on a DCIM investment. Our upcoming webinar, on December 10th at 10 AM PST / 1 PM EST, can help provide insight into why those outcomes occur and how to avoid them. Register now to reserve your seat!

Recent Achievements
TI Eficiente: Stamp of Approval
– McKesson Corporation: Drohan Data Center
– Kaiser Permanente: Corona and Silver Spring

TI Eficiente: Activated
– AIG: Livingston, NJ Data Center and Fort Worth, TX Data Center
– CEMEX: Global Data Center

M&O Stamp of Approval
– ING Facility Management: Wilgenplas
– Visa: OCE Data Center
– CenturyLink: Washington DC 2, 3 & 4; Chicago 3; OC2 Phase I; and Los Angeles 1

Tier III Gold Certification of Operational Sustainability
– ENTEL: Ciudad de los Valles, Phase 1 & 2 (Chile)
– Metronode: Sydney 2 (Silverwater) Data Centre; Illawarra 1 (Unanderra) Data Centre (Australia)

Tier IV Certification of Constructed Facility
– IT & Communication Complex: Data Center - Riyadh (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia)
– LuxConnect Datacenter DC 1.3: SER-01-1 to 05-1 & SER-01-2 to 04-2 (Luxembourg)

Tier III Certification of Constructed Facility
– Metronode: Canberra 1 Data Centre, Stage 1 (Australia)
– DataPro LLC: DataPro Moscow 1, Stage 1 (Russia)
– GMD S.A.: GMD Cloud Data Center, Phase 1 (Peru)
– Grupo Petrópolis: 
Datacenter Alpha - Phase 1 (Brazil)
MTNL, Mumbai: MTNL Worli Data Centre (India)
– AzInTelecom LLC: AzInTelecom (Azerbaijan)

9 Ways Executives Can Save Money and the World.

Most enterprise IT operations burn massive amounts of fossil fuels and cash. Even the most virtualized, cloud enabled, mobile-friendly apps run on industrial assets...

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IT Chargeback Drives Efficiency.

Allocating IT costs to internal customers improves accountability and cuts waste. In fact, IT chargeback can be a cornerstone of practical, enterprise-wide efficiency efforts.

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Reconocimiento del compromiso de la organización con la eficiencia de TI.

Uptime Institute's Efficient IT Assessment is the first holistic evaluation of the management behaviors that lead to Efficient IT on a meaningful and lasting basis.

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Sustaining Operational Effectiveness.

How do you know if a data center measures up to the standards needed to keep it running optimally and reliably? How can you tell if your business critical infrastructure is at risk?

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Improve Project Success Through Commissioning.

Data center commissioning is a continuous process that, when executed properly, helps ensure that the systems will meet mission critical objectives, design intent, and contract documents.

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Examining & Learning from Complex Systems Failures.

Data centers, oil rigs, ships, power plants, and airplanes may seem like vastly different entities, but all are large and complex systems that can be subject to catastrophic failure.

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