Infografía: El costo desorbitado de no hacer nada

Efficient IT may not be at the top of your IT management priority list—but it should be. La gente suele confundir un estado estable con un desembolso de gasto estable. But “business as usual” can be massively expensive. Operating costs are rising, even if your data center infrastructure stays constant, as underutilization of existing assets create more exorbitant expenses. Without a clear focus on efficiency, and if you don’t take advantage of available savings, capital expenses will skyrocket as the organization is forced to react to the growing needs of the business.

With so many other pressing concerns, why should you start an efficiency initiative now? Proactively addressing IT efficiency generates real and significant savings, often immediately and with negligible costs. Relatively modest management efforts and resource reallocation can generate substantial savings.

What’s needed is a holistic view of the business critical IT infrastructure landscape—and the leadership to keep efficiency efforts on course.

To achieve meaningful and lasting IT efficiency, both the facilities and the operations organizations need to contribute equally. Cooperation yields a leaner—and greener—data center that maximizes the strategic value of your capital investment. Save millions in both OpEx and CapEx, and transform your IT infrastructure from a cost center into a competitive advantage.

Compare these two data centers—one who kept a steady course of business as usual and one who embraced a holistic Efficient IT approach. See how much money you could be leaving on the table, and instead of asking “Why Efficient IT right now?” you’ll be saying “Let’s get started!”

To learn more and get your questions answered, contact Matt Stansberry at: mstansberry@uptimeinstitute.com.

Recent Efficient IT Achievements

Uptime Institute’s Efficient IT Assessment is a holistic evaluation of enterprise computing infrastructure, management, and operations to help organizations lower costs and increase efficiency. Check back often to view the the most recent Efficient IT Achievements.


McKesson Corporation
Drohan Data Center
Stamp of Approval



newsletter_Foils_EIT_Kaiser_C.png Kaiser Permanente
Stamp of Approval

newsletter_Foils_EIT_AIG_NJ.png AIG
Livingston, NJ Data Center
newsletter_Foils_EIT_Kaiser_SP.png Kaiser Permanente
Silver Spring
Stamp of Approval

newsletter_Foils_EIT_AIG_TX.png AIG
Fort Worth, TX Data Center

newsletter_Foils_EIT_CEMEX.png CEMEX
Global Data Center

Uptime Institute's Efficient IT Program gives organizations the expert guidance needed to effect lasting efficiency changes.

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Seminario web: El costo en oportunidad de no hacer nada

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