Preparing a Request for Proposal (RFP) can be a daunting task. Uptime Institute has created a checklist providing guidance on top considerations to include in your RFP. This checklist ensures you get what you asked for while also including best practice approaches to follow.

Recent Achievements

TI Eficiente: Activated

M&O Stamp of Approval
– NTT Communications: Singapore Serangoon DC
– Nomura: Nomura One Angel Lane
– CenturyLink: London 6; London 1 & 5; London 3 & 4; Denver 3; Denver 1 & 2;
   New Jersey 3 & 4; and Chicago 2 & 4

Tier IV Certification of Constructed Facility
– Elmec: Brunello DC (BR4), Data Room 1 (Italy)

Tier III Certification of Constructed Facility
– MTNL, Mumbai: MTNL Belapur Data Center (India) 
– TEO LT, AB: Zirmunai Tier III Data Center (Lithuania) 
– Governo do Estado do Paraná: CELEPAR Data Center, Phase 1 (Brazil) 
– Rogers Communications: ODC3 (Canada)
– Digital Realty: SYD 10 Data Centre, Ste 140 (Australia)
– TARR Centrum Innowacyjności: EXEA Data Center, Phase 1 & 2 (Poland)
– Globo.com: Globo.com Datacenter, Phase 1 (Brazil)

Please visit our Tier CertificationM&Oand EIT pages for complete listings.

Beyond Cyber Security: Protecting your IT Infrastructure.

This article discusses additional factors and decisions that Board of Directors should be aware of, and how to optimize the strategic value of data center assets.

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Failure Doesn’t Keep Business Hours: 24×7.

The primary purpose of having qualified personnel on site is to mitigate the risk of an outage caused by abnormal incidents either by preventing the incident or containing and isolating the incident...

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Signs Your Data Centre May Be At Risk Of A Crisis.

Here are 5 questions to ask, because experiencing a downtime incident is the worst way to find out that your data centre risk management and operations practices are insufficient. As seen in...

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Unipol Takes Space Planning to a New Level.

Space planning is often the key to a successful data center project. Learn how Unipol mitigated municipal requirements for the Italian insurance company’s Tier IV data center.

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Avoid wasting resources implementing DCIM.

December's webinar is now on-demand. Matt Stansberry provided insight into why organizations fail to define business requirements for DCIM and struggle to gain a return on their DCIM investments.

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A Tale of Two Data Centers: A Contrast in Efficiency!

Cada elección de administración de un centro de datos produce un resultado. Veamos cómo se desarrollan en el tiempo dos escenarios opuestos: keeping comatose and underutilized servers running, or beginning an audit initiative...

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